Our Story

Icarus Nation is a cycling clothing company that started in a small North Carolina town with a growing community of dedicated mountain bikers. We are a group of guys that want to show our dedication and love for the sport by providing high quality clothing and gear that fellow riders will take pride in wearing on and off the trails.

Many people have asked; “why “Icarus?”. It’s our belief that everyone has their own set of wings that can carry them to be the best they can be. That’s why our motto is, “Burn Your Wings”. Just like Icarus from Greek mythology, who wasn’t afraid to soar to new heights, we want our products to encourage people to push themselves to new limits and look good doing it.

In Greek mythology, Icarus (the Latin spelling, conventionally adopted in English; Ancient Greek: Ἴκαρος, Íkaros, Etruscan: Vikare[1]) is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Often depicted in art, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus’ father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, so the sea’s dampness would not clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun, when the wax in his wings melted and he fell into the sea. This tragic theme of failure at the hands of hubris contains similarities to that of Phaëthon.
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It is our goal to provide nothing but quality products with stand out designs that fellow riders will take pride in wearing. As the Icarus community grows, and we continue to grow our product line, it is our desire to work with all riders whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior. We want you to interact with us and be a part of our team. Please give us feedback, positive or negative, so we can continue to make better products and offer the best quality to you that we can. Welcome to The Nation.

“burn your wings”