Join “The Nation”

Coming down to the finish line on our Kickstarter campaign, and we just want to say thank you once again. Thank you to our friends, family, and everyone that has supported us this far!

All backers will be given the option to have their have their name, city, photo, and link to social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, strava, etc) listed on the website on “The Nation” map. This will be a place we mark our Authorized Retailers, Facotory Riders, Team Riders, and more.

Over the hump

Over the half way point, and funded 54%! We will never stop saying thank you! While we do still have a few early birds left, we have also expanded our offerings of combo deals.

We have also expanded our social media network to include Tumblr. We will be featuring and taking submissions of athletes burning their wings rocking their Icarus Nation gear across the various social media outlets. We also plan to have various social media promotions, sales, coupons, and giveaways… Like the exclusive coupon all Kickstarter backers will receive post campaign πŸ˜‰

Almost halfway!

Almost halfway to our goal, and almost halfway through our campaign! We simply can not say, “Thank you” enough. Thank you to everyone who have supported us emotionally, creatively and monetarily.

We have had a few requests for various combos that we did not previously offer. Those combos have been added and can now be backed. If you do not see a combo, or would like more than one item, please do not hesitate to contact us here, through the website, or on a social media platform.

1 week @ 34%

After one week and already reaching 34% backed all we can say is, “thank you!” We are truly humbled and thankful to everyone who has decided to back our project, and turn this dream into a reality.

With all pledges we will be including the free logo stickers randomly in black or white, and all backers will receive limited edition Icarus Nation .com stickers in Kickstarter colors to display as their badge of honor for supporting this campaign.